X Wave Board Range Stats

X Large

  • X-Wave 130 Length  236cm Width 74 cm Volume 130L
  • X-Wave 125 Length  236cm Width  72 cm Volume 125L
  • X-Wave 120 Length  236cm Width 70 cm Volume 120L
  • X-Wave 115 Length 236cm Width 68 cm Volume 115L


  • X-Wave 110 Length 236cm Width 66 cm Volume 110L
  • X-Wave 105 Length  233cm Width 64cm Volume 105L
  • X-Wave 100 Length  232cm Width 62cm Volume 100L
  • X-Wave 95 Length  231cm Width 60cm Volume 95L


  • X-Wave 90 Length  231cm Width 59cm Volume 90L
  • X-Wave 85 Length  230cm Width 57cm volume 85L
  • X-Wave 80 Length  229cm Width 56cm Volume 80L


  • X-Wave 75 Length  228cm Width 54cm Volume 75L
  • X-Wave 70 Length 226cm Width 53cm Volume 70L
  • X-Wave 65 Length  224cm Width 52cm Volume 65L

OES AUSTRALIA | superior ride and performance



The construction is not compromised as it is the same as all our wave boards, with our 3 different constructions to better suit your price range and sailing needs with our CIC, CKC and CSGC  construction so the boards can be ridden  hard.

X WAVE Review

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I like my  OES X-Wave. It has been a perfect gorge board. It planes quickly, is fast, drives through chop, and has a wonderful, direct feel in the large river swell that we get in t…he gorge. The construction is strong, but the board is the lightest I have owned. I have used it from 3.7 to 4.7, and It is definitely the nicest gorge board I’ve had. I’m totally satisfied. Thanks again! Dave 

X Wave 75 Hi Pete,Just wanted to let you know that I have completed the Oregon Gorge test for the 2010 XWave 75 litre board.  I wanted to ride the board for the season in the Gorge before I reported!  I can honestly say that I have never ridden a better all around board since I began sailing 25 years ago.  All production boards, and I mean the few I have tried, can not stack up to quality, durability, and overall sailability of this board!  I weigh 185lbs and was able to sail a 5.2 down to a 3.2 with this board with no issues whatsoever.  As I told you before, the balance and weigh distribution is perfect.  Early planing, quickness, and a looseness is what I look for in the performance areas and it excels.  As far as durability(something that took the entire season of total abuse and use) the board is still as solid as the day I got it.I hope this helps.  It has assured me that I will continue riding and promoting OES boards.  Why would anyone buy a production board when they can own one of these Custom boards for the same price is beyond me.  You have outdone yourself with the 2010’s!  Thanks for still doing it right!  Will talk to you soon..Skip

X Wave 85

Hi Pete- got to try the new Xwave 85 machine in both extremes, my first impression which might change but here’s some comments for you

Used the rig in the Gorge with a 4.2 at the Hatchery, very overpowered 3.7 (some were on 2.9’s) at Doug’s and in underpowered conditions with a 5.3 in Hood Canal.

-The board planes up super early, love that about them, and just stays there. You need to bear off and pump a bit in underpowered conditions but it holds the plane very very well, I planed right into a wind shadow and was amazed at how far I got. -Feels very stable in the air without the nose wandering even in gusts -handles the 5.3 underpowered and the 3.7 overpowered no problemo, amazing sail range!! A 5.8 would be no problem. -The powerbox is awesome and the fin that came with it is very good, love G10 and this one has lots of oooomph while still keeping the board loose. -Like the carbon material view window on the deck, confirms the construction material and looks cool -stability is great, never felt like the board was wandering and tracks extremely well -The pads are super as on the 2009. -Smaller wave rides are wicked, so easy and steady, the best part and carves hard when you want to or glides when you want to; I know already this thing will excel on the coast -gybes on autopilot, truly masterful!! Any beginner can look good gybing this rig and advanced sailor will love the ease – Rotate supereasily in backloops given its short length but I will continue to attempt this in better conditions, did not have the best chance and there were no larger waves out at the Gorge -Had great speed , which I apprecite.

For what it’s worth Peter. Congrats on another great product! Markus

BTW update of my review: speed is well up there now, got used to the ride. The board rotates fine in loops, just needed the right ramps I am loving it, not just really like it.

Cheers. Markus

 X-Wave 75 and 90

Hey Pete..good talking to you yesterday. You actually caught me at a time where I was sitting down and had time to really chat…

Xwave90 I went out late yesterday to doug’s as I told you I thought I might do. The late day exectutive session I think they call it for working stiffs…The wind was basically unsailable and the conditions were deteriorating fast.. The biggest sail I had was a 4.7 ZXPRO. Northwave’s wave sail…

I decided what the heck…I can make the XWAVE 90 litre work..That board rips!!!!! I sailed for a couple of hrs in the funkiest wind imagineable..And to my surprise, the thing turns!!! Gets up on a plane in a heartbeat and stays on one.. The sail/board combo was perfect..It certainly didn’t feel like a 90 litre board. This board would be the perfect light air wave board for me..Perfect for a San Carlos board in March and April when I usually go..

Had the mast centered in the track and never touched it..Either I am getting used to these short, wider boards or I think the 90 is just as loose as the 75!! Hopefully I will get to use the 75 a bunch in the next couple of days as we are looking at building conditons thru the weekend…

Xwave 75 I sailed Doug’s yesterday. Most people my size were on 4.7 range. I was on the 75 with a 4.2 and I was ripping around everyone!! And i weigh 180lbs. Let me say that the board is totally different from anything I am used to and in no way have I dialed it in yet….This sucker gets up on a plane in a heartbeat and stays on one! Also, with the redistribution of the volume it is easy to slog in lulls and get pumped up on a plane quickly in lighter air. It seems to have more volume than just 75 litres..It turns with little effort but like I said, I haven’t found the sweet spot yet..I thought that it would pearl easily because of the no nose and no radical flip tip but to my surprise, it doesn’t. You can push forward hard to drive the board and it has the volume up front and rail outline to carve. Once again, I got away with murder! My session was over two hours long and when I came in it wasn’t because of fatigue. It jumps well and off of anything,but I haven’t riden it long enough to really find the sweet spot and I know once I do, it will be as loose.

Anybody that wanting to demo any of these two boards that are in the Gorge feel free to contact Skip Whitley on 509 637 0237

X Wave 100


My Xwave 100 has taken a wicked beating in the last few storms, No nose, bottom and rail damage , she keeps on going and is still dry.  Had a bonus day on it in 36 knots on Sunday, decent 6′ reef waves, no large waveboard has ever given this kind of ride to me!!  Felt like I was on a waterski, 20′ roostertails cuz of wicked overpowered blasting cutbacks, manoman, with a 27cm onshore wavefin no less.  Unbelievable, never felt out of control except for the boom….thought I it was gonna rain carbon more than once, haha.  My arms are 2 inches longer still.  I was the only one out and it was close to dark, smoked a few small logs cuz I couldn’t see much but hey, all the specatators on the point stayed til I was done.