2014 X Wave

XWave 85 sailing in 55 Knots

XW 130 Length  236cm Width 74 cm Volume 130L 2014 XWave 130

XWave 125 Length  236cm Width  72 cm Volume 125L 2014 XWave 125

XWave 120 Length  236cm Width 70 cm Volume 120L 2014 XWave 120

XWave 115 Length 236cm Width 68 cm Volume 115L 2014 XWave 115

XWave 110 Length 236cm Width 66 cm Volume 110L     2014 XWave 110

XWave 105 Length  233cm Width 64cm Volume 105L 2014 XWave 105

XWave 100 Length  232cm Width 62cm Volume 100L 2014 XWave 100

XWave 95 Length  231cm Width 60cm Volume 95L 2014 XWave 95

XWave 90 Length  231cm Width 59cm Volume 90L 2014 XWave 90

XWave 85 Length  230cm Width 57cm volume 85L  2014 XWave 85

XW 80 Length  229cm Width 56cm Volume 80L  2014 XWave 80

XWave 75 Length  228cm Width 54cm Volume 75L  2014 XWave 75

XW 70 Length 226cm Width 53cm Volume 70L  2014 XWave 70

XWave 65 Length  224cm Width 52cm Volume 65L  2014 XWave 65

Xwave Outline Artwork 2 Design your own custom airbrush.

The 2014 Xwave single fin or Tri fin fin placement,  are refined to add better speed and control to our  Xwave boards range. The planshape has been shortend to add more turning and jibing ease and the tail rocker has been flattened for earlier planning and greater top end speed.We have also lowered the rail height and increased the rail tuck to be the same as our Wave Pro models for greater control at speed and to limit the front rail from catching. We have also kept the volume the same with a shorter planshape by hiding the volume in the center of the board and increasing the nose widths to stop the board from perling /nose diving on the back of waves and looping with the shorter board lenghts.

We have also used the same bottom shape as our Wave Pro boards with a flat area in the nose to a progressive vee bottom and double tail concave. The double tail concave gives the board three different tail rocker for a faster water release and deepens the vee in the centre of the board under your back foot for easier rail to rail transitions.

The construction is not compromised as it is the same as all our wave boards, with our 3 different constructions to better suit your price range and sailing needs with our CIC, CKC and CGC  construction so the boards can be ridden and looped hard.

If you have any questions please ask Pete peter.ross66@bigpond.com ” Superior Ride & Build”

XWAVE Review

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I like my  OES X-Wave. It has been a perfect gorge board. It planes quickly, is fast, drives through chop, and has a wonderful, direct feel in the large river swell that we get in t…he gorge. The construction is strong, but the board is the lightest I have owned. I have used it from 3.7 to 4.7, and It is definitely the nicest gorge board I’ve had. I’m totally satisfied. Thanks again! Dave