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Wave Pro 135 REVIEW

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Dear Peter,

I’ve been slow to write back and thank you for my wave board 135 (for which I apologise) but I guess I was dreaming of reporting back some super achievements which I must say I am still working towards. However put simply the board is everything I was hoping for. I’m very impressed with its ability to hop up onto the plane, and yet it carves its way around a wave like nothing I’ve experienced. It looks and feels so small underfoot, yet it still has adequate float. With summer gear I can up haul a 6.2 if I’m smart about it. In winter gear it’s pretty sinky but not impossible and waterstarting is fine. It prompted me to get one of the new lighter winter wetsuits. I feel confident that I will get back even if the wind drops, which opens up a great deal more sailing opportunities. It’s a very unique little board from what we are used to. I love the grip of those thin rails and those tiny fins work much better than I had expected at staying up wind.

Sup sailing introduced me to the waves, which I now enjoy more than any other type of windsurfing. I’m not built to be a wave sailor and I’ve come to it pretty late in life. But without your board I had no path before me. Most “heavy weight” wave sailors are a good 20+ kg less than me. I was over 90kg at about 19, and mostly people thought I was skinny.

I’m probably not the best person in the world to demonstrate your board, but there is a lot of interest whenever it comes out. If You ever have someone interested in your boards I’d be happy for them to have a look. Perhaps a demo in flat water. Not sure I’d be happy to let someone demo in the waves. I can’t see myself ever selling this board while ever I’m able to windsurf.

If you do want someone to check it out I’m at Gosford on The Central Coast of NSW, about 1hr from Sydney and 1 hr from Newcastle.


Thanks again for your work on this, it’s great.

Regards Lyndon Bauer


All our boards are designed using Shape 3D computer design software and shaped in house. From custom built boards designed to your specific needs through to our team rider proven Custom/Production models, at OES we’ve got you covered.


Pete Ross has taken thousands of rectangular blanks of foam and transformed them down into precision pieces of work. At the heart of every OES shape is countless hours of experience and knowledge from 27 years of building boards.


There’s no point having the best shapes on the planet if the board won’t take the punishment that’s dished out to them every session. State of the art technology and highest quality materials where construction is concerned means OES boards are built to last.

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