CAD designs proudly made in Australia since 1988

russ pistol 2015Russ Faurot at the AWT Pistol River on his Hot Rod 74 . Thanks to Trudy Lary for the great photo.1907525_826082777429388_8908264692095244690_n


All our boards are designed using Shape 3D computer design software and shaped in house. From custom built boards designed to your specific needs through to our team rider proven Custom/Production models, at OES we’ve got you covered.


Pete Ross has taken thousands of rectangular blanks of foam and transformed them down into precision pieces of work. At the heart of every OES shape is countless hours of experience and knowledge from 27 years of building boards.


There’s no point having the best shapes on the planet if the board won’t take the punishment that’s dished out to them every session. State of the art technology and highest quality materials where construction is concerned means OES boards are built to last.

Designing & Building the best boards since 1988, so you get the best out of your time on the water