OES Epoxy surfboards

New OES Shortboards surfboards
Epoxy/ ESP/ S glass
6’5” x 19”x 34.1 L x 2.3 kg
6’1”x 20.5” x34.7L x 2.3kg

surfboards dec 14 002surfboards dec 14 003

New 2015 Wave Pro 83

NEW 2015 Shape
Wave Pro 5 Fin
213cm x 58cm x 83 L

Nov 2014 006Nov 2014 007

New 2015 Hot Rod 83

New  2015  HOT ROD 83

Length 215 cm

Width 58cm

Volume 83 L

Maris 83 Nov 14 153Maris 83 Nov 14 156


First Big Swell

First big swell of the Hawaiian winter Oct 10., thanks to Fish Bowl Diaries and Jimmie Hepp

Russ Oct Big 2OCT 10 Big

Back On Maui

Russ Fuarot back on Maui after AWT Hatteras.

Thanks Jimmie Hepp for the Photos.

Russ Oct 14 2 360

Russ oct 14 4Russ Oct 14Russ oct 14 6

OES Slash Tri Fin

Russ Faurot’s Slash 83 thruster set up for onshore 12 WaveMULTI fronts and 15.5 MiniEPIC rear Black Project fins.

Russ thrusterruss hatteras 3russ hatteras 4

Russ Faurot rips Hookpia on his Hot Rod 74

Russ Sept 14Russ sept 14 2Russ  sept 14 3Russ sept 14 4Russ sept 14 5Russ sept 14 6

San Carlos

russ San CarlosSiC — with Russell Faurot at SoloSports Adventure Holidays at Punta San Carlos, Baja.

2014 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown Pro Mens

Nick Warmuth sails Sunset O’ahu


After a rainy lackluster fall and winter for windsurfing, the conditions finally turned on in O’ahu this spring. There were a few good days at Backyards, and I finally got a chance to windsurf an iconic wave of the surfing world, Sunset Point. When you kick out at Backyards, you get a clear view of the same swell line jacking up on the Sunset reef. I’ve often mind-windsurfed this wave and imagined what it would be like if there weren’t 50 surfers in the water. The setup at Sunset is perfect for windsurfing; a heavy, butter smooth long right that finishes in a large channel with side-offshore to offshore winds. While Backyards offers one or two hits before you have to kick out, when Sunset is working, you can easily get in seven or eight turns from the Point through the West Bowl and all the way to the inside of Vals. Besides being one of the world’s most famous surfing waves, Sunset is known for the pounding it dishes out when clean-up sets sneak in from the West and close out the channel. Surfing or sailing, you have to always be on your toes, as one mistake could result in a beating and very long swim. This day wasn’t quite big or west enough to line up properly, however the west bowl offered up some clean sections and heavy lips. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the better days at Sunset as I’ve yet to find O’ahu’s version of Jimmie Hepp. See you in the water,
Nick Warmuth
Photos courtesy of Philip Newmarch