Custom Hot Rod 93

Custom Hot Rod 93
225cm x 60cm x 93 L

New Hot Rod 83 ,93

New Hot Rod quad 83 and 93
213cm x 59cm x 93 L
213cm x 57cm x 83 L

New HOT Rod 93

213 cm x 59 cm x 93 L

Chris Hale HOT ROD 72

Chris ripping with his new Hot Rod 72 Quad at Middleton South Australia

OES Wave Pro 130 Quad

New OES Wave Pro 130
Length 232 cm x Width 76cm x 130L

OES Hot Rod 122 and Hot Rod 127 Quads

OES Custom / Production boards

88L Hot Rod at Middleton

Maris Naish on his OES 88L Hot Rod quad at Middleton South Australia.

Pete Ross Finish Shaping

Pete Ross finish shaping a Wave Pro 115 Quad

Russ Faurot AWT in Mexico